EPC and SAP from St Austell, Cornwall

EPC for the installation of Solar PV

What is the SAP calculation?

The SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculation is used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L1A (New Dwellings), and Approved Document L1B (Existing Dwellings).

The SAP is the UK’s standard method of measuring the overall efficiency of a property and is the Government’s recommended system for producing a home energy rating. It is used to calculate the Target Emissions Rate (TER) and the Dwelling Emissions Rate (DER).

The DER on your dwellings must be equal to or better than the TER to show compliance.

Who are we?

EPC Cornwall are fully qualified DEAs (Domestic Energy Assessors) and provide EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) and SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations/assessments for new build and existing properties in Cornwall.

EPCs are a mandatory requirement when you are selling or letting a property. They provide an assessment of a property’s energy efficiency and provide practical recommendations on how to improve a property’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.

We provide EPCs in Cornwall and also neighbouring parts of Devon. However, we provide our SAP calculations Nationwide.

We also supply EPC for the installation of Solar PV in order to achieve at least a grade D which then entitles you to the higher rate FIT (Feed in Tariff)

Fast Turnaround

Our aim is to be prompt & efficient, with a fast turnaround time and great customer service. Our assessors are independent, professional and provide a personalised service tailored to your needs.

EPC Cornwall have an excellent reputation throughout Cornwall for providing a professional and accurate DEA service.

Whether you are selling your home and require an EPC or you are a landlord needing an EPC to let your property, we can help.